Big Breakfast

Happy June Gloom readers! I know I have been horrible about updating posts so a lot has happened since the last update: PB and I are married, we went and came back from our honeymoon, and we’re pretty much all settled in to our home. Now that things have died down a bit we’ve been figuring out our routine and I’ve been finally able to start cooking and experimenting.

So Sunday morning I woke up starving and if you know me, you know I normally hate breakfast foods. I don’t like eggs (well I used to hate them) but now I’ve been finding that I crave them. And I used to hate Ketchup but now I find myself wanting to top my eggs with them. So I woke up hungry… and I wanted a big breakfast and started imagining eggs, and breakfast sausage and toast… so I woke PB up and told him to get ready for breakfast and I went off to the market in search of some ingredients and voila:

Big Breakfaast

Big Breakfast

I made a breakfast scramble: pork belly, green bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, arugula and eggs topped with 1/2 avocado, sour creme, and salsa. Served with a side of maple breakfast sausages, wheat toast with butter and fig butter, and a lemon-mosa. After all that, PB and I washed it down with a juicy watermelon. Yes, big breakfast indeed. Oh and we had ketchup (not pictured).

So it was really brunch because we couldn’t eat lunch afterwards but for dinner I made a Red Curry with Chicken and Eggplant with brown rice and made Thai Iced Tea for an ethnic meal but I forgot to take pictures :T. I’ll be sure to take one next time for sure!

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Sneak Peek

PB and I finally took our engagement pictures yesterday. After months of discussion we were able to find a date that worked for everyone and that was Sunday 1/31 which as it turns out was the only day that it rained in January and we were rained out. So we rescheduled for yesterday, Wednesday, and then I got a phone call last minute from our photographers that out photographer was sick and that we’d be assigned another one. Long story short we finally took our pictures and it was a ton of fun. 

We started in downtown Laguna Beach and then made our way to Victoria Beach and then back again to downtown for some night shots. BUT at Victoria Beach we were sad to see that the tides were too high so the shot that we wanted wasn’t able to happen but hopefully we still got some good ones. 

Here’s a sneak peek of us:


Outfit 3


Outfit 1


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Thanksgiving ’15

It’s that time of year again to reflect back and give thanks… so when I think back about what I’m thankful for I feel like its always the same things:

Family (Mom & Dad who have always supported me and Brother in every way, lacking nothing)

Friends (Old and new that have helped to shape my year, supported me in the lows and celebrated with me through the highs)

Health (so lucky in all aspects of health)

and when I think about all of these items it also reminds me that I have all of these because of the love of God. And really how lucky I am to be a believer.

Every year has been jam packed with blessings and goodness that I often find myself over-looking or feeling entitled to. I mean, don’t get me wrong… I am thankful for all that I have but I think a lot of times I find myself feeling like I am supposed to be granted such a wonderful and full life. A warm family, a loving fiance, a home, a job, the luxuries of feasting, shopping, pampering, etc… And I should be thankful for these things instead of feeling like this is just a part of my life. So I hope that as I give thanks this year to God for his love and forgiveness that I also consecrate myself to Him more, and ask that God remind me again and again, over and over, that I am who/what/where I am because, and only because, of His mercy.

I hope Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for everyone!

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El Pollo Sushi

Nope, not a type-o. I’m sitting at my desk eating lunch on a sunny Wednesday afternoon when a vendor rep drops by… sales call.  I’m midway shoving a spoonful of my 2 Piece chicken and thigh meal into my mouth. I created a mini-salad out of my meal. I usually eat it this way (sans tortilla). I usually rip the chicken meat away from bone and add my sides (today it’s broccoli and corn) and add cilantro and onions and salsa and eat it as a “salad”.

So anyway, I shove a spoonful of this El Pollo Loco concoction into my mouth as this gentleman walks in, we’ll call him Tom. He says “I thought lunch was 12-1!” I say something along the lines of “I get to have lunch when it’s not busy, some days its earlier, some days its later” (Today it doesn’t happen until about 1:30 pm). Anyway so Tom walks in and says “I’ll be quick and then you can get back to your sushi”.

WTF? Was that a racist comment? Some people are really … ignorant. I am sitting here with the EPL bag on my desk. EPL styrofoam meal box on the desk. As well as the mini salsa sauce cups (green salsa, EPL salsa and Chipotle salsa) And yet he thinks its sushi?

Maybe I’m being ultra sensitive but I thought that was VERY bizarre. I don’t know if he really thought it was sushi or if he’s really just an ignorant being. Oh, old white man, I will not be doing business with you either way. If you thought it was sushi you’re dumb for not being observant enough. If you’re that ignorant, I don’t want to hand you more money to stay ignorant. 🙂

The end. Happy hump day!

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Updates… might be a little TMI for some but this is the reason I have a blog – so I can capture life’s moments. Please skip if you are not interested in a woman’s cycle.

I got my period and the week leading up to it was seriously the worse PMS’ing I’ve had … in ever. And the scary thing is, I feel the same. I mean, I don’t feel like I’m having irrational thoughts, acting out of character, or aggravating anything… I just feel like me but not good.

The first sign was that I kind of felt a little under the weather. Which I just attributed to fatigue – which, for all I know, really was just that.

The second was that my face erupted with pimples. And when I say erupted, I mean erupted. It was scary. I mean, I would like at myself in the mirror and I wanted to cry. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I felt like a monster. As I’m typing this right now I’m still in shock at what can happen to your face due to hormones. My face is not cleared up completely just yet but it’s at least a small fraction of what it was at it’s worst. Mainly on my chin and on my T-zone. Now it’s subsided some.

The third is that I have been pretty emotional. Wanting to cry or getting sad pretty easily. I don’t normally. I’m much more of a stubborn or grouchy person so if things upset me I would be more angry than anything. But in retrospect when I’m PMS-ing I just get sad and kind of wallow. Definitely a weird feeling.

So I got my period on Saturday morning and boy was that day a tough day. I was infinitely more fatigued and cold and uncomfortable. I woke up around 7 am randomly (even though I was hoping to sleep in) and I realized I got my period. I was excited because I just came off BC for 2 months and my periods have been on time and regular. And I was hoping that I would feel better once I got my period and I did. I mean, as far as my emotional levels go.

So I got in as much as possible around chores and errands and even got to take advantage of that extra hour we gained over the weekend. And my face seems to have calmed down a bit. (I am now also using Proactiv+ just to assist in this area, just in case – I want to get it under control before it gets too out of control) And although I still a little emotional, I haven’t felt the urge to cry in the last 3 days.

Why do women have to battle these hurdles? In any case, this Monday morning feels infinitely better than my last Monday morning and even more so than the Monday before that. I salute women, for being able to handle the daily struggles on top of the emotional roller-coaster that runs year-round without our control.

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Monday moods

Happy Monday morning! Not happy for me unfortunately but you know the old saying: “fake it ’til you make it”. So hopefully my mood will give way to a sunny day soon.

I had a full weekend that unfortunately left me feeling pretty … gloomy. PB and I went to a wedding over the weekend (they had a giraffe there! – and a zebra, peacock, camels, but we only got a picture of the giraffe).

Anyway, so I just came away from the weekend feeling like PB and I didn’t connect in any way. I feel like there was no point during the weekend while we were celebrating the love of a beautiful couple that we were celebrating with them. It’s an odd thing to for me to explain because I can’t really figure out what the trigger is or what exactly was not “right” but there’s not much. I just feel a bit glum from the weekend. It didn’t help that when I brought it up to PB last night he didn’t really find anything wrong. It’s not that he didn’t acknowledge my feelings, and he didn’t act like I was being crazy but there wasn’t much to the conversation. He just listened to what I said and that was that.

So I went to bed with a heavy heart and I woke up this morning with the same dreadful feeling.

I really don’t think that I am feeling irrational. And I REALLY, REALLY don’t want to blame coming off BC Pills for this feeling.

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I pulled a green tank to wear this morning and wanted to bust out my CH zerogrands in yellow and realized it’s Sigma colors. What a happy Friday thought! 


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Most of our appliances are getting delivered today! Yay! I am eager to get things in and up and running so that we can really make our new house our home. Hopefully there will be no hiccups with the deliveries and installations so that I don’t have any added troubles. We are still waiting for our refrigerator which won’t be in until mid-October but as soon as that arrives we’ll be all done with appliances and just need to do landscaping and furnishing. *fingers crossed that all of it goes smoothly!

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Oski turns 5!

My little baby turned 5 today! He finally moved into our new home and seems to be adjusting pretty well. In fact, adjusting much better than I expected. I think he’s getting older and wiser 🙂 and more behaved! 

Happy birthday little O-bear! Mama loves you to itty bitty pieces.  

Oski chilling on the marble on a hot 100 degree day. Foxy lounging after a relaxing bath. The day before Oski’s 5th birthday.

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Wedding Planning

I think I’m finally understanding why wedding planning is so hard. Because the world is not made up of Type As. Eff you B’s! Ok maybe that was a little harsh, but in all honesty, why can’t people be good, efficient and friendly?

So wedding planning has been in full-force since PB and I got engaged. Literally since about day 1. And everything seemed to have fallen into place pretty easily… we found a venue we absolutely fell in love with and started to piece together the theme, colors, etc… Now the problem with having ideas is that you want them. Ha.

I would say we’ve had minor bumps in the road like PB and I have very different tastes. So color wise he’s giving me what I want. Theme wise I also get what I want. Well I could go down the list but honestly I get to have pretty much whatever I want. He’s been really easy to work with in that regard. But at the same time, as much as he wants me to have what I want, I want him to have what he wants as well. I want him to love our wedding day. You know when you want to share the same love of everything that has to do with the both of you? I don’t know how to explain it without sounding super girly and overly emotional but I want him to be overjoyed… not wanting any more.

Anyway, so there’s a dilemma with getting what you want (first world problems, I know).

So I’ve been struggling with that quite a bit. I am super nervous about my dress (yes, that whole thing) because it’s an exuberant amount of money to spend on one article of clothing. And PB’s expressed what he doesn’t want and what he thinks he wants which is different than what I’ve imagined. Ultimately I put the deposit down on a dress that I adored instead of taking a chance on a dress that maybe hopefully PB will like. So hopefully PB will love what I love (gamble).

Next, color and theme and decor. All me. PB doesn’t interject and lets me have what I’m imagining. Maybe I’m being extra sensitive here just because I am after all a girl, I swear there are little comments here and there that if it were up to him it’d be different. Not in so many words but I swear something along those lines in passing. And it hurts my feelings.

Then there’s the actual planning. Speaking with vendors is actually pretty tough. You’d think that since they do this for weddings ALL THE TIME (this is their job, right?!) that they’d have it all figured out and tied up with a bow for you to just walk in and either piece things together or customize but nope. I guess the thought behind that is they don’t want anyone to feel like its too cookie-cutter or similar to everyone elses’ “special day”. I call BS.

And today I hit another road bump. We’ve been toying around with an idea for party favors and the man I’ve been working with is just downright a jerk. He’s curt. He’s not thorough (albeit he answers my emails very quickly) but doesn’t pick up the phone when I call. Annoying. Is giving me a bait and switch on pricing. And is just difficult to work with. He’s a specialty vendor so it’s not like I can just go down the street to someone else which is why I’ve tolerated it so much and it was PB’s idea which made me want to make this work even more but I am at the short end of my stick. Near tears even just dealing with this man and it finally dawned on me. The reason wedding planning sucks is because of the industry. They make it difficult. I think it’s drama-filled to fuel the industry. Yes, the matrimonial controversy.

So I find myself back where I started before I got engaged, I hate weddings. They suck. But I also can’t wait for mine and have the time of my life. This bride-to-be is feeling so much better after the rant. Woot! Thanks for bearing with me and letting me unload my frustration with non-type-a’s who don’t want to be efficient and get things done.

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