CHILL @ The Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA

I was lucky enough to score 4 tickets via YEE for CHILL @ The Queen Mary in Long Beach on Monday and invited my good friend Edmund and his wife Stella to accompany PB and myself.

We started off the night at George’s Greek Cafe on Pine St. in LB and ordered a feast fit for a king. Everything tasted delicious and their portions were giant! What a wonderful way to start off a YEE night.
We were happily greeted by Simon who was full of smiles and jokes. He told us about the menu, introduced wines for our sampling and recommended some dishes. We finally decided on a wine, some appetizers and our entrees and dined to our hearts content.

The Saganaki (cheese flambe) was a lot of fun.
Hummus and Pita – yum!

George’s House wine – great for 1/2 off on Monday!

Beef Gyro – it’s a huge giant plate full of gyro meat, pita bread, veggies and rice. Seriously could feed 2 and it’s good tasting!
Lamb Chops – cooked to perfection served with heaping mounds of veggies and rice and pita bread
Mousaka – our adventurist plate. Its like a Greek lasagna. Not my fav but not bad. Also served with a heaping mound of veggies, rice and pita bread.

Then we made our way to CHILL. I feel super lucky to have gotten in on this event and had a blast! $20 for parking is steep but with free entry for 4 it was bang for my buck.

CHILL is fabulously decorated and definitely makes you feel like you’re in a different world. A candyland world upon entry (giant lollipops and cupcakes!) and then a gingerbread house with Santa Claus, then you get greeted by a giant snowman (the jumphouse for kids) and a small ice skating rink and then a giant rocking horse. It’s seriously never ending. We snapped some photos in the giant snow globe where you are able to enter, they zip you up, and then the snow globe inflates and the kind worker will take pictures on your cell phone for free!


Finally we made our way into “the dome” where we walked through The Ice Kingdom after grabbing a winter coat that they hand out just for the walk through. There is a huge ice slide that you can go on in there and the decorated ice sculptures are pretty amazing and make for great photo ops.



After The Ice Kingdom we went over to the ice skating rink for some fun before they closed. Finally after we were done on the ice went tubing back in the dome. You get 5 turns on the slopes and it is super fun!
This was an awesome event! I don’t know if I would have been as pleased had I paid $35 for entry plus $20 for parking, plus $2.75 for ice skate rentals, but for free entry it was TONS OF FUN!

My favorite picture of the night:


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  1. next time park at the Aquarium for $7.50 and ride the bus for free to the Queen Mary. Thas what we did 🙂

    • ahhh, genius.

      Yes, we saw the bus that came in on our way out but didn’t know where we would get picked up. Thanks for the tip! Edmund said you took the boys and it was really cold. Did you and the boys enjoy it?

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