New Year – new nails #2

If you’re like me and remember my post on gel mani’s you’ll recall that nail polish is a rip off for people like me. It never stays. So true to form, my nails didn’t last. In my effort to find something more “reliable” to celebrate New Years with our Great Gatsby theme I made some DIY glitter nails with the same idea from my previous post. Just top wet polish with a design and seal it with a clear top coat.

So I dug through my cosmetic bag for some glitter and found this:

I found 1 green NYX glitter and 1 black NYX glitter and decided that my gold glitter top coat would pair great with them. And voila:

So after applying 2 coats of clear polish I dipped each finger into the glitter pot and made sure it was fully coated. Then I moved on to the next finger and did the same. I saved brushing off the excess for the end after I let it sit for a bit. It comes out a bit messy as you can see from the picture above but I just went over with a dust brush and cleaned it up a bit before coating it with a top coat.

I did all my fingers with the black glitter and my ring finger with the green glitter:

And fini!

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