New Year… resolution

So I’m not typically one that has New Years Resolutions… particularly not the kind of diet and exercise but it has finally hit home that I need to start becoming more physically fit and it ain’t going to happen by itself.

Yesterday’s weigh in after NYE Palm Springs Eating Extravaganza was a whopping 120 lbs! So I’ve resolved, albeit predictable and highly overrated… to lose some weight! My goal weight is 112 lbs.

Hold me to it. I’d like to hit this by the end of February so I’ve got 2 months to whip myself into shape. I want to shed some unwanted pounds as well as tone my body and build some muscle. So I started to do my Brazil Buttlift last night (an impulse buy of my weakened late night tv watching)

All of which I feel like go hand in hand so wish me luck!


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Born and raised as a Southern California girl I can't imagine living any where other than sunny so cal! I grew up in the 'burbs (as 'burb as 'burb can get - in Corona, CA) and then discovered the amazing cuisine offered in the Bay Area when I went to Cal for undergrad. Upon graduating I found myself looking for spot in the world in SF but soon discovered that I truly am a so cal girl who thrives off the beautiful weather and drives 1 mile to the grocery store (with tons of empty parking spots that are just waiting to be occupied but perfectly content being empty!) I will admit that the food (from the fancy schmancy to the holes in the walls) are not as eclectic or plentiful or rave-worthy as they were in the Bay but it's home and its so much better! I have found plenty of taste-bud pleasing eateries and have thousands more to try but sometimes nothing compares to the spectacular home cooking that my parents do. Here you'll probably be introduced more to what my parents cook rather than to what I do (not that I can't... I just... don't - hahaha). Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy your read!
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  1. Good luck! I plan to be more active and healthy too. I do the squat-crunch-plank 30 day challenge and feel like it makes me stronger. I also am going to try to do Insanity (like, for real and not just say it and not do it) twice this year (for my sister’s wedding and for my own wedding). Let me know if you come across good/fun exercises or activities 🙂 Miss you already!

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